Monday, November 07, 2011

Drunk && Hot Girls (Vegas Rant)

Get ready for the #KanyeReference (Twitter usage, on Blogger?! Oh my!).

Every time I think of Vegas – This song pops up in my head.
I use to make fun of these women tripping over themselves and throwing up in the bushes (Who am I kidding? When I’m sober I still will) --- but I learned that you never know these girls stories. 

‘Why would that matter?’ you may ask or ‘Who cares? They look foolish’ 
Maybe just maybe this girl had the week from hell –
maybe she had her heart torn out of her chest (dramatics) –
maybe this girl just needs to let loose for one night out of her insanely ridiculous chaotic extremely sober and mundane life

‘She should still watch what she does?  She does not look classy’
WHO THE EFF CARES?! It’s Vegas! 
People are known to walk the strip at 4 in the morning naked or pass out in slot machine chairs.  It’s the city of sin where everything goes.  You can buy a prostitute for a beer and order HOT GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS with a click of your remote.   

‘Why does it even matter to you?’
 I was that drunk & hot girl :)
But on the real – I needed this night and I embraced the drunken hot girl title. 
Patron, Vodka and chasers!  
It’s nice to ‘Get out of your mind’ (#LilJonReference lmao!) once && awhile.

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