Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Adventure

Sunday marked a day of true friendship! Lol  WE TRAVELED ALL OVER LA!
Marty had a school project for geography and his art history class.  The geography class entailed us to visit three different geographically sites to see how the people and culture are dramatically different.  We went to this ‘Mexican geographical’ site.  It reminded me much of Riverside (haha) but of course Mexican music filled the air.  Raspada men and leather boots and goods were being sold.  Then we went to Little Tokyo.  I have to say I LOVE THIS PLACE!  It’s gorgeous and the shops are all adorable.  Not to mention they have the best pastry shop in town.  After we hit China town.  Curry and spice filled the air.  Also gorgeous but didn’t compare to Little Tokyo. Lol
Later we hit my favorite spot in the WHOLE world, THE GETTY CENTER.  It’s absolutely breathtaking.  You can stare out and sit in the garden all dayyyy!  Here he had to pick three pieces to analyze.  We pretty much sat in each room and told stories of each painting. Lol.  I did  get in trouble for leaning to close.  LMAO Sorry!  We had PB&J for a snack/lunch and watched the sun set. 
After we headed to Diddy Riese.  Amazingly cheap, delicious cookies to say the least!  It was a fiasco finding parking and cash but it was worth it!! He stalked up on those yummy calorie stricken sweets. 
We finally headed back to his town, Redondo.  We went to dinner at this GORGEOUS restaurant by the beach called Samba’s.  Although beautiful,  the Brazilian type of Barbeque was quiet different for me.  You pretty much serve your sides from the ‘side’ bar but then the main course (meat) is served to you.  They come around with long sticks and cut strips for you to eat.  There’s a little cube that you put at the end of your table to indicate if you want them to stop (green) or if you are full (red).  It was absolutely delicious, I just wish I coulda ate more! Lol
Overall it was quite a packed and eventful Sunday.  Good times with an amazing friend.

Thanks Marty !! : )     

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