Sunday, August 01, 2010


Sometimes you are given the most beautiful experience only to have it dramatically taken away.

we shared the most wonderful months together. unfortunately they were taken from me because of your mistakes. I practiced forgiveness. it sure back fired on me. but maybe just maybe God gave me this opportunity to practice forgiveness, patience and love. Now that I mastered that he is giving me the opportunity to practice strongness, independence and happiness.

I guess in many ways I can say thank you for giving me this opportunity. It might be a tad premature because the pain and hurt is still very much relevant but I know I can be good on my own.

Good luck with your life. Do unto yourself as you want other to do unto you. because karma is a bad bad bad bitch and she doesn't give an eff who she rears her ugly head too.

I hope your choice will make you short term happy dear ... because in the long run you'll regret losing me.

Never stop smiling. :-D

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Anonymous said...

wow i feel like copying and pasting this on one of my blogs.. im going through a break up right now. I pretty bad one. I still love him so much is so hard.