Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I've lagged on my early morning blogs ! Truth be told theirs more post within this month than this whole year ! lol

I finally found that breaking point ... granted it was a forced breaking point but I made it nonetheless. I guess after everything it amazes me how easy it is to lie to someone. I guess it was my pay back karma. It's taught me to change my ways.

This weekend reminded me that I'm young and full of youth, beauty and funnnn...I must admit I'm loads of fun and on top of that a cheap date. 2 shots of patron and its on. Lmao.

I reconnected with the only guy who's been my friend through the last four years. He calls me the devil cause I always seem to avoid him during certain points in life (I know I shouldn't do that to my friends .. I'm changing that!).  His mom even catches on. lmao : ( We always have an amazing time and of course we always look fly together. lol.

Saturday by chance the girls and I got redirected to a different bar than the originally. Him and I call it fate but we shall see what happens.... tee hee

Sunday was von voyage to the parentals. I left them in LBC to travel the seas. They're gone for a week and I must admit I kinda miss them. Especially my mom with everything going on. My grandma is an amazing back up tho.

I wanna remember this weekend. The weekend of realization. The first time in a long while where I don't want to fast forward. I'm truly happy at this point. I'm young ... not some 30 year old who clock is ticking. haha

Thanks to my amazing besties who have constantly reminded me how truly amazing I am .. because I really am lol

Happy Tuesday !

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