Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lame emaL

I swear I lead the lamest life sometime. Lol ..
I was reading back on how lame I was a year ago. (This is why I write, remember?) && I must say that I give TMI a lot of the time. Break ups and heartbreaks is the only time I ever seem to write. Ick. It’s funny how those people mean nothing now. (That’s kinda harsh. I hope he stopped reading this a long time ago. Lol)
This time last year was also the month I started wearing hair extensions(I miss having long hair! :( ) and preparing for my big 21 year old trip to Vegas(Oh gosh, how fun was that! I will never forget what I remember of those weekends! Haha.) This month also marks the time when one of my closest friends left this Earth. She is truly missed and of course a memory post will be written in honor of my lovely. :) && LASTLY I was all for the LAKERS. :) What happened to all my pride? I was a Laker head all over the place and I seem to have lost that spark. Need to step up my game. Pizza nights and sports bars(lol) need to happen soon.
Some of my post back in May 2009 seem like it was yesterday. You never truly know how much time has flown to you sit there and reminisce.

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