Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sometimes its not as perfect as it may seem!

Dear World,

checking in… finally bringing my head above the water for some air. I always swear that I will keep up with this but it never ever happens.. I was decent for about a year than inevitably fell off the blogging crack train.

I would like to say that I will begin once again, but who knows. I swear ‘life’ or what I perceived to be keeping me from things just gets in the way. Oh golly geez.. lol.

Anywhoo … tanning is back! I need to get that cute little heart as light as can be which in return I’m as tanned as can be… I think when I start tanning it gets me motivated to go to the gym again … or atleast that’s what I think it is … Sooo I’m going to run with it and get my behind back into the gym. According to research ‘ugly/heavey people don’t make it in life'. :/ lmao … Got to do what I can to get to where I need to be! Lol

5 Random’s:

1. I have a fascination with pen caps and ear cleaning … You know what I’m talking about! Lol

2. My tC looks like my closet threw up in the back seat … I’m working on cleaning it out.

3. Yoga was my obsession … and I think I’m having withdrawals.

4. My random ‘Filipino’ goal of the week is to take up running. Oh Gawd how I hate it … but I need to push myself!

5. Sometimes I get too caught up in what I think I want and forget that I’m only 21. WT almost 22.

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Joe Schmo said...

You can do it beautiful!