Friday, February 26, 2010


Sometimes life throws you bumps and you’re not sure why these things happen. You have your heartbroken…you break hearts. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re hurt beyond repair. You begin to post emoly and twitter the ‘hate you’ songs. Or sometimes you feel like you’re going no where. You appear fine, happy even but you feel that theirs a piece of you missing. Something is needed to complete you. Sure you can smile, but is it really genuine? God puts everything in your life for a reason like the cheating boyfriend and the gold digging girlfriend even prolonged moments of time where reflection is needed upon your own life. Of course it’s when you find that other person that shares all your common interest… that one person who has the same mind set and goals and want to strive for the same things, is when happiness truly shines.

‘When you know you know’ Total cliché answer…
but I know.. I found him.

Of course it wasn’t an instant Cinderella story fairytale where we instantly fell in love and got married a week later. Things like this take time, like fine wine of course. We apparently were on the 3 year plan. On Gods 3 year plan. Thanks to our younger cousins who wanted to play cupid at the time, we met. Random chance of meeting as we call it. We ended up becoming close friends. Coming in and out of each others lives. He knew my problems and he’d always attempt to give me the ‘guy’s advice’. He would always update me on his application process for PD. We knew significant moments in each others lives. The funny thing is, although it was never the right timing to be together, we both felt a strong connection to stay close friends. To keep each other somewhere in our path, even if it was just a simple text message asking ‘how life is..’. We would talk for weeks… all day everyday… but its like God knew when we were slowly falling for each other that he needed to pull us apart so we didn’t start something so beautiful too early, too soon.

In those three years we both grew up a significant amount. We both got the party days out of the way. We both experienced love, heartbreak and simple break ups. We knew what it was like to be single and care free. Everything that will help a future relationship flourish. We both experienced the things that will not become problems later in a committed relationship from starting off too soon.

One cold winter, all in his master plan, God finally saw it fit for us to once again unite, but this time it ended a bit different.
It all began with that nifty little site, Twitter. ‘Happy Hour anyone?’ were the words that would make this time around truly a fairytale. To make an already long story short, after that night we became inseparable. Timing was perfect. We are both on the same time line in life. Our paths finally met at the point that God always knew it would.
The story is still unfolding; our movie together is finally playing for the world to see.
The smile will never fade and the love in our hearts will never dim but only grown with the passing of time.

This is what those commercials are always talking about. =P
“Keep smiling and laughing”

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Taco said...

I havent been using this blog and I just noticed the nice comment you left me so I wanted to leave you one. Its beautiful that you have found something so true and I hope things continue to go well for you.