Monday, December 07, 2009

Getting it on at the Getty :D

Not the best picture EVER buuuuut totally hit up the Getty Center!
I love it there its absolutely breath taking! lol
If you haven't visited its def a must && after 5:00 its free parking!! woooot haha
Anywhoo so much has been happening lately :/ I've failed at my blogging obligations .. haha .. Sorry lovelies.
Some quickies of my life to keep you satisfied ;)
..1. My official 90 days at my new job is coming close!! Wooooot. :D I love my job and the people I work with. Like I posted before, everything happens for a reason and I believe that more than ever!
..2. 24 hour fitness is my new love. ♥ I'm addicted to Pilate's and Yoga. Soooo awesome. Come work out with me. :D
..3. Semester is almost up. One more semester and I'm back at CSUF. I can't wait. I miss all my Fullerton friends. lol
..4. I'm officially addicted to Fridays Happy Hour! lol. 1/2 appetizers gets me excited. Lets do it sometime, yea?
i'll try to update regularly. :D
How is your life?!

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