Thursday, November 05, 2009

Team Jacob Black

This will be the most lamest thing I say … (even more lame then the whole loving Miley Cyrus post) BUT I am addicted to Twilight.

Kill me now, right?

I finished the first book in which I was absolutely in LOVE with Edward but the second book changed that. I’m currently a few pages shy of the second book && I must say I am now Team Jacob. (Oh Lordie how dreamy he looks in the movie lol)

I hated Bella’s character in New Moon. Being soooo needy and dependent on Edward made me sick. The whoooollllleeee book was geared toward her depression and I wanted to become Victoria and kill her for being that way.

Even with that said I’m still looking forward to the third book. I heard the second was not the best of the series so I’m looking forward to where it gets better. lol

A year late on the Twilight craze, but there none the less.

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glitteryeyesxx said...

Haha, this post made me =)

I'm in the minority with you, too. I'm all TEAM JACOB.

I like my men with a tan. Lol!