Monday, October 05, 2009


I was catching up with my old friend Mario ...
He was telling me how he opened up a new marketing firm && in one msg I was telling him how he might be seeing my resume in a few years ... End of story ...
Conversation after conversation goes by ..
Apparently in one instance I was being an ..
The conversation went as follows:
(Not exact :/ Except for the last one lol)
Me: "I'm going on an office run.. woot!"
Him: "to Mcdonalds?!"
Me: "No .. STAPLES !!"
Him: "Cool, I need some toner, k thanks"
Me: " advance por favor, i'm not your personal assistant"
Him: "i see..well..when you bring your resume down for the interview ill go ahead and mark down 'not a team player' to remind myself"

If you're not laughing, it mighta been "you had to be there moment" because I was rolling!

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