Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Oh Gawd. Looking back at my post I’ve been so emo lately. I’ve lagged hugely on all parts of my internet life, apart from twitter because its sooo easy to text a message then log on and type one. Haha
Life has been pretty hectic.
Decided to not make it sooo complicated and focus on myself. Worry about making me and only me happy and worry about how to improve myself rather then improve me for other. Rearrange aspects of my life and those in it in order to put that permanent smile on my face that I once always had. Oh geezus how that sounds so easy on paper. Lol
We'll see..
5 randoms of mi vida:
1. I’ve have had the same number since Middle School. People always find it odd when they try it and find out that it is me. Lol. Look me up in your old year book. KIT lol.
2. If it’s someone I don’t want to talk, I pretend it’s not me when I find out who it is and tell them they have the wrong number. Lmao
3. My closest friend and I have the weirdest relationship. We only see each other to shop but we talk all day long in text. It seems to be odd to everyone else, but it’s how we work.
4. I’m taking my granny on a date to Knott’s scary farm. Jealous?
5. My hair is straightened on lazy days. On good days my hair is curly. On amazingly awesome days it’s curly with extension in. ;)

I need to jump on this updating blog thing like before!

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