Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Looking Back

I was reading some of my old blog post ... && IDK why but i'm kinda sad. lol
Just looking at old pictures while driving to work or the pictures of shopping at 1 am brings a lot of memories. Even reading how me and my current boyfriend met. && I love reading those secret blog enries that have sooo much meaning to them but is just a sentence or two. Enough for the reader to laugh but to that friend I experianced that moment with can "lol".

It's weird how you always think life is so hard at one point of your life .. but then you reach a new point and that time seems like a hard part and the past looks way easier.

BUT the positive is that I absolutely love all the new people in my life now and I can truly say that I made a lot of positive changes in my life.

Although I am in a happy place in my life I do feel that I am going through a lesson and trial of faith. When times are hard look to God and keep on truckin' to the future. With that, always remember to live each moment that you do have. Never ever take anything for granted. && always turn a negative into a lesson so you don't make that mistake in the future.

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Spectacular said...

Love it !
def agree with when yu look back on situations and stuff !