Monday, September 21, 2009

Kanye you're so cool :D

Sooooooo .....
we all heard about the drama kanye threw down at the VMA's.
BUT this yip yapper about not supporting him anymore makes me lol.
IDK I do feel bad for Taylor Swift don't get me wrong BUT I still like Kanye's music...&& yes I want to buy tickets to him and Sir Gaga's concert ! lol :D
Maybe i'm just heartless..

tee hee

4 Freakin Comments!:

Vison.Air.y said...

ur are now one of my favorite ppl on the planet lol. i wish more people looked at it this way

KEYS said...

i love kanye west!
and the whole thing has been blown wayyyyy to far up.
i want tickets TOO!!

First of September said...

Well said! He was drunk!

Katrina said...

Who cares what he did, he totally made her like 100000 times more famous now! She should thank him!