Tuesday, September 01, 2009

HS drama on FB

Hi Megan,
I see that you sent me a friend request and I find it a nice gesture.

If you really want to be friends again, i feel it necessary that I get some sort of explanation as to why i was treated so badly the end of my senior year. i know that this is something that happened some time ago but, it is still a wound that affected me for quite some time. And while i have forgiven what has happened i can not forget it. And while, you would probably find it easier if I avoided the past and simply pressed accept, that is something that we all know that I cannot do.

I'm not quite sure if you have understood what you guys did to me and how much it hurt me. Those memories that we had all built up were so special to me, and I trusted you. You were a good friend and i laughed alot with you. And what happened to me on my prom and my graduation night; is something I can never get back. Those memories i thought I would have and share with the girls I considered "my sisters"; didn't happen. instead i was brokenhearted.

At the least, I accept an apology. If that is something you are willing to do, than I will gladly accept you as a friend! And a lot of trust will have to be regained & worked on.

If not, that's fine, I am worth a lot better than that. And you lose out on a friend like me.

WHOA !!!!!! Hold the phones !! This was a message sent via FB after I added someone who I was once besties with in HS. I decided not to reply to this .. I didn't think that it was such a big deal to add an old friend who had a fight almost 4 years ago !

BACKGROUND: From what I remember happened was this person would trade friends. When she was fighting with one person she would befriend the next and so on and so forth. Than to top it off at the end of our senior year she disproved my choice of boyfriend and talked crap on my prom dress(that was a big deal in HS lol) etc.. I got tired of it and decided not to be friends anymore. I was pretty friendless as well .. but I'm over it. I don't mean to sound heartless .. Just over that period of my life.
BUT I told one of my current Besties the whole situation that happened back than and this is what he suggested saying..

Look, just because I sent you a request does not mean that I am trying to be your friend. What happened back then was back then and if I REALLY wanted to make immense with you (which I OBVIOUSLY don't) then I would've reached out to you with a dramatic message similar to yours but not quite as dramatic because your reply seems like it came directly from "confessions of a teenage drama queen". I'm sorry that you got the wrong but I bet you feel even sorrier than I do because you feel stupid for thinking I would care. Anyway, if you must know, I just wanted to see your pictures because I heard you were getting fat. We don't have to be friends, just show me your pictures :-)
P.S. you soooo deserved what happened to you lol

I didnt have the guts .. decided not to reply. I don't find the need to bring up the past after so many years. Especially to someone who doesn't think they did anything wrong AND expects an apology from me and WANTS me to make up and build trust. WTF. We're not in a relationship.

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Spectacular said...

Lmfao ! that response is hilarious !
However whats done in the past should be left there !