Saturday, August 01, 2009

OCD status

I remember in Psychology we learned that everyone has a little OCD in them. At the time I didn't see it as true .. What act can really be soooo important to me that I must do it or else I will feel uneasy...
BUT we all know, once something is pointed out you'll notice every single thing about that topic and it turns out I do have a 'ritual' that must happen:

I must have the volume on the TV or Radio at a level of a multiple of 5 (example 20, 35, 45 etc)
If I don't I get the weird uneasy feeling that wont go away until I change it ... creepy I know

I'm not sure how OCD that is but its pretty darn scary to think that something so simple can really influence my mood.
What are your OCD habits?

4 Freakin Comments!:

Kate said...

i'm EXACTLY the same as you with the TV volume thing!

I have lots of rituals - it's annoying :P - and I'm a neat freak. I may need medication soon.


"Dub" said...

LOL, when I line my shoes up under my bed and in my closet, the heel of the shoes all have to be in the same line. every single pair

it erks me so much when one is out of order. hahaha, strange i know

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