Thursday, August 20, 2009


Shoulder girls in the house !!
Bree, Cristal and I hit up the ever so popular show ABDC out in LA today.
Super fun and especially when you're getting tired and your feet hurt from standing in heels for 5 hours it gets even MORE fun. lol. During our time there Bree and I decided to start a crew for next season.
Be on the look out for 'Shoulder Girls'.
You have no idea what's coming ! lol.
OOOOO I almost forgot.. While on our voyage we saw Quest Crew. :) I shouted out "I love you" and 3 of them looked over ! Bree is totally my witness that they wanted to say it back but didn't want every other girl to be jealous. lmao

Quest Crew after the show ... I couldn't get my camera out fast enough. lol

Good times with the dubbed Cousin in law and the crazy friend. :)

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