Wednesday, July 08, 2009

'I dream of Weenie'

Its always great to have a friend who will tell you how it is ::

"But its been like 3 years since Fullerton ... and you shoulda been less concerned with wee wee's .. "
-Rico Suave; Direct text quote

We were discussing why i'm not done with school yet .. lol

Than he went on and tried to be lil' Wayne status
"Cuz you told me that all you do is dream of wee wee's... ima call you 'I dream of Weenie' :P"
- Rico Suave; Direct text quote

haha .. I swear I'm focused in school now. :] I NEED to get done !!!

&& he's kidding about the boys being the reason for the lack of my focus ..
I just thought it was funny how he said it..
Therefore I must share :]

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johnDEUCE said...
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johnDEUCE said...

whaaaaat! so when are we gonna go on our date huhhhhh