Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grow up skank ..

Time and time again I write about 'growing up' blah blah .. sometimes I think about the 'what ifs' in my life...
For example, 'What if' I would have married my High School sweetheart. I think I am a completely different person than I was 4 years ago. Would we be divorcing? Fighting? Stuck?

For me to have gotten married so young spells disaster in my eyes. OR maybe I would have adapted and never changed the person I was .. If I would have married him I would have never knew what it was like to have a single life, party in Vegas at 21, Flirt with boys to get passed security at a concert. But than again maybe I would've still been happy since I didn't know that stuff .. BUT than I woulda missed out on all that stuff. lol

Its all soo confusing...Maybe things just happen for a reason and I was meant to cry every time I did or fall in love when I had or live it up with the girls like before.

I guess this post was a throw up of thoughts with no real answer.

These thoughts entered because .. when me or my friend make life changing decisions that we would have done differently previously we always say 'we're growing up' and our last talk made me realize that she's 'really growing up'

oh em gee..
Life learning sucks.


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Anonymous said...

lol@"throw up of thoughts"

Meya said...

aww thank you sweetie!!! and its like if we do know each other, we are in the blog world with same interest!!! I'm glad I can motivate you!! You can do it!!! If you need more motivation I'm here for you!!! you know where to find me =]]