Monday, June 29, 2009


Here's a few friend trip Vegas pics !! I didn't add to many because I didn't want my blog to take FOREVER to load ... so if u insist on seeing more we can be space buddies. haha
ANYWHOOOOO it was sooooooo much fun !!!!! Friday we got there around 5ish 6. Walked around and hunted for something to eat ! Than went back to the room and started to get ready for the night. We hit LAX in the Luxor ... oh em gee was it fun !!!! Karla kept getting hurt. haha First I accidentally stepped on her than she tripped.. lol Gema got picked up on by the oldest dude (she's lesbian haha) but she flirted with him to get us drinks. haha Girls are evil. :] After the club closed I think we ended in the lobby .. me yelling for Karla to stop walking so fast, haha. . . We chilled for awhile mingling... I think I meant a guy who twittered haahah.. random... Than we taxi'd it. .
Conversation of the night:
Me: Soooo Mr. Taxi driver .. I watch the NBA finals
Him: mmhhhmmm
Me: I love the Lakers !! woot woot (Karla goooooo Lakers)
Him: --no sure what he said .. lol- i think he was just laughing at me...
Me: Wellll theirs this commercial, the one where they were drinking and they let a "stranger" take them home ... guess what ... you're that stranger !!!!
Him: You're right .. you're doing a good thing ..
Me: The Lakers are sooo smart...
hahahahaha good times
Anywhoo .. Saturday we chilled by the pool .. searched for food and hit XS in Encore .. It was sooo much fun by the end of the night. The club is beautiful, huge and ... beautiful ! lol Sunday we forced ourselves up and headed home ..
Errrr i miss Vegas... I can't wait to go back !!!!
Karla &&Myself
I was on the phone with her girlfriend..haha
XS in Encore :]
Margaritaville faces.. lol
LAX :]
You can find me at the bar :] lol
Awkward smile :D
haha about 4:30am hyped
I like to think i clean up well lol

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