Thursday, June 25, 2009

'till death do us part...ekkk

Saying "I do" has seemed to come out of people's mouth's a little more easier than before. From famous celebrities tying the knot to seeing your best friend at age 18. Recently my close friend from High School asked me to be in her wedding.. Of course I agreed. (WOOT) Her and her fiancee have been dating since forever .. I wanna say 5 or 6 years now ? High School sweethearts and deeply in love. They're over 21 .. been dating for a long time .. expectant of them to take such a huge step ... This had me thinking about marriage a lot and frankly I'm getting a little scared of it.

Marriage is forever .. Its that ONE person for the rest of your life!! I use to be soooo open to the idea. The concept of being in love with someone, living together, starting a family .. but I think as I've experienced life a little more, good and bad, I've learned greatly that life isn't a fairy tale.. If I'm barely figuring that out at 21, how do the people who were married at 18 feel now? Granite theirs some very happy couples out there who have been together since they were 15 but its not likely it would be that way for everyone.

Its a scary thought .. but than again maybe I just have to wait for that one person to change those feelings !!
Where you at ?! lol


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KeepitFUNKY said...

I wasnt knocking anybody but I made a note to point it out if it was interpreted that way Lol. About the "One" you're talking about in this entry. Dont search for them, paths will cross and you'll find eachother. Thats what happened to me and my bestfriend. 5 years as friends while we had our bfs and gf's till we realized we were it for eachother. B easy mama.