Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Showing my Twits

I get home .. Open mail and woooo hooooo new license baby ! No more bars saying I'm under 18 or under 21. Sooo being the twitter addict I tweeted about it ... two seconds later a friend calls ..

Friend: Hey what's up ?!
Me: Nothing much .. But guess what ! I got my new license .. No more bars !!!!!!
Friend: I know !! I saw it on Twitter.
Me: What ? -confused 'cause I just twitted- oh em gee are you stalking me ?!
- - - Awkward moment - - -

hahaha .. So I guess my friend had "coincidently" signed on to twitter just as I twitted that ..

I guess, for me anyway, you don't realize people are reading what you put 'till someone say something in person.

But I do hate when people think they have you figured out by reading your blog or twits or what have you. It may seem sometimes that I tell all about me but really I write about a lot of superficial stuff, Britney, heartbreaks, my 21st birthday, my gym relationship haha .. theirs some details here and there .. but theirs still a whole side to me that you prob wont see..

For all you really know, I could be a 94859lbs man with hair every where and a tummy to boot .. kinda creepy thought, huh?

Mark errrrr Megan :]

2 Freakin Comments!:

Vison.Air.y said...

lmao @ your title, that made me lol.

i vastly enjoy ur quirky sense of humor (which is why i am now following u lol). and i definately feel u on that, blogs usually just display our most random moments or our deepest inner thoughts but even THEN u can't really tell wat kinda person they are.

that would be a very scary thought

Miss.$ugarDaddy said...

lol, so true..