Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm 21 now ..

Best 21st Birthday EVER!! Lol
Vegas style :] soooo we made it to state line just in time. 12:00 on the dot !! Bought my first alcoholic drink and played my first slot machine !! hahahahhaah Than we got to the room, got dressed and strutted down the strip !! Family trip .. me, my mom, my tia and granny got dooooown !! lol Below are a few pics of the occasion !! :]

Fam bam at Harley Davidson Cafe
Me and My littlest sister :]

Meeeee :] lol

"Where did the sun come from?"

Birthday surprise !!! What ?! lol

Me Aggggaaaaiiinn .. Big surprise, right ? lol

Me && my granny :]

Me and my madre !!

Just meee :] Mind you it's like 2 in the morn .. lol

From Anett !! :] Aw.. Gorgeous, no?

GREAT 21st with the family !! I had a blast ... now we shall see how the friend weekend goes !! haha

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Anonymous said...

U R Hot

Anonymous said...

U R Hot

Vison.Air.y said...

glad u had a dope time =D. here's to many more awesome birthdays

Unbreakable said...

Love the pictures Happy birth day yes i know i am late...

Your very beautiful love your smile