Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For future referance ..

If we get married .. i want a bigggg rock .. lol
Like this .. but real haha
rememberrr boys .. your ladies engagement ring should cost atleast 3 of your checks. :]
she's worth it..
LOL totally random i know ... just warning any potential suitors. :]

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10 Freakin Comments!:

Anonymous said...

You are Funny

Miss.$ugarDaddy said...

Random, yet relatable :)

gor(jess). said...

beautiful && OH SO True. lol. love it

becky said...

i know right? lol i tell my bf im not expecting a ring...but i tell myself i want one coz i deserve it haaa!

Tron said...

HAH....rings are foolish...and a stupid tradition of spending way too much money...shes getting something thats a grand...her choice...but my limit

LazyKing said...

3 checks, seriously!
I'm taking notes for my future bride.
thaks for the tips.

PS: WTF with the verizon wireless stuff, hihihihih

Prissy said...

LOL I love this post!

Anonymous said...

Go for the man-made diamond!

Murder-free diamonds!

Make the conscience rest easy.

Anonymous said...

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