Tuesday, June 09, 2009

21 Haters

I get asked the question "Vegas?! Two weekends in a row?" or "Why are you soo excited for your birthday? Its not that great after its over!"

I thought about this a lot .. Why does it really seem soooo important to me ?
I don't think its soo much the age its more of the celebration of the milestone.

I did have a sweet 16 .. but to be 1049920393049 percent honest I wasn't the coolest cat on the block back than. lol. A lot of family which I am truly grateful for BUT it wasn't a big shin dig with friends. (Thanks to those that did go BTW !) lol.

Allll through HS I had a boyfriend so I was in that "In love stage" (BS BS BS.. lol). So I never did anything outside of him. I do regret it a whole heck of a lot.. I would never let either one of my sisters do that...it's seriously a waste of time. (I'm super proud of both of them for not devoting time to one person !!)
Point being .. on my 18th birthday I didn't celebrate like I should have. It wasn't till I was almost 19 that I went to my first club(&& than couldn't stop lol).

T W E N T Y - O N E
Sooooooo 21 is going to be fun && unforgettable !! No boys just girls and pure ol' fun. :]
So if you're rolling with me .. i'll make sure its memorable.. Its my birthday, duh. haha

"so theirs the middle finger to all 'dem little haters."

[[4]] more days 'till i'm [[TWENTY ONE]] !!

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Vison.Air.y said...

heh trust me i know exactly how u feel birthdays. It's just another day unless u make it special. I hope you have a great 21st! Happy early birthday!

Cupcake Couture said...

21 is exciting!! I hope you have tons of fun!!