Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Angels 2 year anniversay

Rest In Peace Baby Girl
Nadja Janelle Alvarez
9.11.88 - 5.26.07
Hi baby girl. Its been exactly two years since I got that call. I'll never will forget that night. It was like a movie .. unreal .. You never think things like this happen in real life until it hits home.
You are and will always be the most amazing person I know. Every time we talk about you theirs never anything negative to say. Beautiful .. smart .. friendly and a self proclaimed bitch was all that you were. You always held your ground .. were NEVER weak but you always were the friendliest person around.
Remember the first year I played softball? We were at practice and working on hitting. You were pitching to me. You threw it and of course it hit me smack in the butt. From there on you named me "Buns of steal". lol. Or that time you convinced my mom to let me go to my first party in middle school. haha. I couldn't believe she let me go but of course you won everyone over as soon as they met you ! Remember how we always use to get into trouble in AVID ! haha We never stopped talking. Mr. Reynoso would do his little finger pointing thing and make one of move to the other side of the room ! lmao. It didn't stop us when it came to Tutorial time.
I found so many old pictures of us. I tried to figure out how to scan them to show you but of course I procrastinated. haha I will have them up as soon as I figure out how. You always had that wonderful smile on your face. I have a lot from that time we went to Nationals for cheer! Our phony pony's haha. Mine looked like a mini afro on the back of my head !!!
Dude .. I miss so much .. The summer it happened we were going to party hard together. You finally were coming home. My only regret is not spending more time with you.
I know you're looking after all of us. I know you were there with me during my big accident. Your face was all that came to mind. I tell everyone and they always say you were looking out for me that day.
I miss you baby girl .. you are missed by soooo many. Its just not fair what happened. I'm just thankful that I had you in my life. I got to meet such a beautiful person. I know that where you are now you are safe. You are in Gods arms. He needed his Angel to be with him to do bigger work and that's where you are.
You were an Angel on Earth and now you are an Angel in the sky.
I love you Janelle and miss you everyday.

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chavez said...

beautiful letter

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V. Hipolito said...

That was so heart warming !! She was such a beautiful girl inside and out. I will never forget how I met her for the first time when I signed you up for softball. She said she would look out for you during softball season...and look she is still looking out for you !!! She is truely missed.

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