Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm a complainer

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my longest days EVER !
Wake up 5:30
Get to work by 7:30
work 'till 4:30
Gym it 'till 5:40ish
class at 6:00
class ends at 10:00
Home .. shower .. knock out
So when I say "Sorry, I can't hang out .. i'm busy" I promise i'm not just saying that ! lol

Countdown is onnnnnnnnn
SIXTEEN days till I turn TWENTY ONE !
Last birthday to look forward to ever. lol

Random text convo of the day:
Me: Are we fighting? I haven't heard from you all day!
Kat: I just need time apart ok? ur just crowding my phone space.
Kat: hahahahahahahahahha i'm so funny.

3 Freakin Comments!:

BrittNicole said...

whoop whoop to turning 21! =)

i dont til 10 more months lol


johnDEUCE said...

i lowkey miss you.

LazyKing said...

happy early bday, hopefully I wont forget and will come back to wish you happy bday

hilarious texting??