Monday, April 20, 2009

Random Obsevation : Skanks

I hate seeing girls who have no respect for other women.

Every girl has liked the "taken" one. Experience has taught me that its bad karma to be anything more than friends with a guy who is in a relationship.

but some girls don't care.
I've seen girls who leave what I like to call "Friendship" notes to their male friends who are on taken status.
"Friendship" notes always sound as if they're dating .. with the "you mean a lot to me" and "you make me feel blah blah blah" Its annoying and it only makes oh girl look desperate but of course her intention is to grab your attention.

other girls go above and beyond and do the seductive approach.
You can all be hanging out as a group and she's that girl constantly on the taken males side laughing at his jokes trying to get the girlfriend jealous. Again .. you just look desperate. If he didn't want you before her, he isn't going to want you after they break up. lol

Simple observation through stories of friends.
I've become pro at the game through experience.. so I can spot BS quick status .. lol

&& to be fair .. guys do it too .. my male co-worker friend(lol) has done it ..
Skanky people :P


2 Freakin Comments!:

♥Nikki D.City Star♥ said...

Tell it Girl! lol. Skanks are the worst. But like you said "it's bad Karma" they will get their come-around.

MAi . said...

definitely girl! i don't understand why females do that.. buutt.. it's annoying.. and my boyfriend isn't so pretty soo.. wtf?!! lol