Friday, April 10, 2009

'xcuse me .. do you know you're dressed as a bunny ?

"how would u feel if ur sitting in ur car eating lunch and
u look to ur right and see this? fucking hilarious!"
-Picture message from Kat

Seriously, Kat has all the good moments. lol
I replied "If you had a blog .. it would totally be blog worthy"
BUT she doesn't .. seeing as i'm her friend I must do this for her 'cause its freakin' funnnn--eeeeee lol


6 Freakin Comments!:


LMAO! that's hilarious. your blog is cool man.

LazyKing said...

lool, his Easter mood got the best of him

FLYBOIZ said...

Oh man i had a moment like this the other day it was 11pm and i waas in the car with my best friend and a clown walked by. full make-up floppy shoes and all!

♥Nikki D.City Star♥ said...

lol. That's strangely cute.

Breezy said...

HAH how cute. Even has a little basket.

Anonymous said...

dude im awesome!