Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hit me baby one more time !

Britney was AWESOME!
I am again in love with her ! lol
She is an amazing performer .. lip synching didn't bother me one bit since the show was amazing !
So much to see all at once .. Her costumes were beautiful her dancing wonderful ... A+++++

Even her sons made a brief appearance .. kinda .. lol .. she ran to the side of the stage where they were when the lights turned off after performing her song "Every time" -sigh- aw..

She's freakin' smoking hot !

Me and Cristal got SUPER lucky. Our tickets were originally for the very very very top row of seats but as we were walking looking for the section a lady randomly stopped us and asked us if we wanted to move closer! Silly Cristal says "are they better?" I was like "Cristal! Heck yea we'll take them" So in the end we were super close to the stage. Of course I didn't have my camera with :[ so we made friends with the girls in front of us and she said she's going to facebook us the pictures they took ! haha

so, many pics to come ! lol

Thanks again KGGI :]

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♥Nikki D.City Star♥ said...

I like Btirney too! Her music is always on point, people can dawg her all they want, she's a fighter and she has talent.