Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Come here much ?

I always start my gym work out on the treadmill. At my gym the treadmills are located by these tall glass windows which face out towards the parking lot. During my run I tend to not only people watch "gym people" working out ... but watch gym people trying to park.

I find it hilarious how some people drive around in circles trying to find the closest parking to the gym. Seriously now ... How bad is it to add a few steps to your work out from your car to the front door?

Next is where they park. The parking spaces are at a diagonal angle and at the very end of the rows are small triangular pieces clearly not meant for parking
(see diagram below)
Clearly, their are lines that indicate that you should NOT enter BUT of course the laziness of a person out weighs everything and SOMEONE always makes that a new spot.
I need to get an actual picture of this happening .. I just don't want to be the random girl taking pictures in the parking lot. lol

Than theirs that girl in parking lot .. with the cutest scion ever (haha) and she opens her trunk and it looks like her car threw up. lol.. Thats me .. :] Dude ... I literally(not really) live in my car. So my office clothes get pushed to the side(and never take out 'till laundry day lol) as well as my shoes, heels, extra after work clothes(just in case) and school stuff. :]
I'm working on keeping it clean k ! lol


3 Freakin Comments!:

mzkrystall said...

lol this post is really funny. its so true, why would someone going to the gym actually be so lazy to park a little farther when they're going to be working out soon haha!

mszcheysser said...

Haha! That's true. (About your blog) Before, I used to be like that - then what the heck? Doesn't that beat the purpose.

The back of my car is like that too =/

LazyKing said...

hahaha, funny.

At my previous gym, I was also able to see everyone parking their cars.