Thursday, April 09, 2009

Access Denied

Theirs this site at work I have to log on to in order to get the stuff I need. (generalized enough? haha) You only get 3 attempts to login but once those chances are up you are locked out. When that happens you have to make a million phone calls and answer a million questions to get it unlocked and ready to use again. Not to mention the grief of the super to put up with.

I've locked myself out about three times in the past two and a half years I've been working here. Whenever I need to login to this site and press enter my stomach gets nervous and my fingers automatically cross and my breath seizes. Its that intense. lol

The closer I get to three failed attempts is when you see me break into a sweat and/or possibly find me on the floor from a nervous breakdown. Its that bad I tell you.

BUT with each successful login makes the day a lot easier.

Websites do that to you sometimes :/


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LazyKing said...

lool, that really intense. If I were you I'll stop visiting that website.
Today I had a pretty funny experience. I was trying to watch a missed episode of 24 and the website wanted me to finish a 30 questions survey about Mcdonalds before I watch the video. lmao, some ads are just too much