Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I love picnics

At least people at the gym wont wonder why i'm there...
Its cause "I love Picnics"
Company picnic shirt. :[ Only thing clean. .
Super embarrassing

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Reggie Magz said...

ha, i love picnics too!

AB said...

Fellow bloggers get to join in on ur picnic smetime? :-)

Hope ur using my links for site access and that they are proving to be a help to u.

Just wanted u to know that '' has been updated today and atleast 4 new categories and a dozen new kool and useful links have been added for more fun. Yeahhhh...

Don't forget to give in some feedback so I know how I can make it kinda better, u know. Ur feedback wud be worth every word.
Anand. :-)

Nu Nu Doll said...

haha you are so adorable. :D

Bunnie said...

haha your shirt is too cute! I need to start working out again...It's so hard to be motivated! How do you do it? =P

ForeverYoung said...

i love picnics summer time, since its cold winter time in NY i am so gonna try a pucnic summer time!