Friday, February 06, 2009

Bed Time

I've decided to give myself a strict bed time of 10:00pm on the weekdays [If I get home early enough from school.]

Therefore I will be silencing my cellular device and not texting nor answering calls.

Please please please dont send me hate messages.. haha.. some of you have been mean.. Im a busy girl with a lot going on right now. :]


Speaking of gym ... Yesterday I was on the eleptical trying to get my stupid cardio done. The Laker game was on [Celtics V Lakers] so I got the machine right next to the TV. Bad idea..Intense game..[[DUH]] so their were like five guys right behind me trying to watch the game..Even though they weren't paying attention to me they probably saw all my sweat and grossness.. ahaha.. They literally stood standing there for 20 minutes.

:[ Ew.

Anywhoo...No talking after 10. So get in what you have to say before then.


1 Freakin Comments!:

Bon Don said...

Got it!

No drunk dialing after 10...


Can I drunk dial before 10, or is drunk dialing out of the question all together??

A girl's gotta know these things!

*Bon Don*