Sunday, February 01, 2009


La Verne had a 2009 graduation yesterday and i'm proud to say that my Tia was involved. Officially class of 2009!! woot woot.

One of the speakers was talking about the influence teachers can have on a students life. As he was talking I began to ponder peoples influences on each other as a community. Sometimes you never know how much you may influence a person whether its a best friend, sibling, parent or a total stranger. Many people have influenced me and of course made me who I am.

My advice today is just be who you are and try to treat people the way you expect to be treated. TRUST ME I know its hard. Everyone has their off days, but you never know who is looking up to you and learning from the way you are and interact.

WELLLL congrats Auntie!!!! I love you and i'm sooooo proud of you!
Here's some pictures from yesterday.

My Aunt & her son
My sisters, me & my auntMy grandpa & my Granny

It makes me want to hurry and graduate already!! lol

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dannie said...

-- i loved your comment ! thanks =] ;

Neeyuh said...

Congrats to your auntie!! I completely agree with you on how people are such big influences on our lives, it's an awesome thing. Great advice too, it is a hard sometimes but all you said is totally true because you don't get anywhere with people if you don't treat them right. =)

you should know by now ;] said...

how cool!!
my dad is a professor there.
he teaches graduate students in the evening =]