Friday, September 05, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

I promised pics ... here they are, lol.

Love my hair? This is what you get when you have all windows down + the sun roof. haha Please note im make up less! haha

Isnt the pretties thing EVER! I love Vegas, the structures are gorgeous :)

I fly like paper and get high like planes. :) Ta-da. haha. Isn't this picture kinda scary?

We were trying to find the roof top. haha. We couldnt find it : / So what do we do??? TAKE PICTURES, DUH!

Booty booty booty rockin everywhere. haha. :( They're all so tall!

LMFAO!! Babe wanted to get drawn and this is what he did!! Sin city baby!! lol

Aw...we took the BUS! lol
This was the longest walk ever. but you gotta love Vegas.
Theirs like a millon more pics but it takes FOREVER to upload. Hope you loved.

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