Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quote of the day:

G:  What’s your favorite music to dance too?
B:  Bump and Grind Music


5 Random tid bits about yours truly

1. I almost got kidnapped the other day. :( This car followed me from my house … I was so scared I called my mom for advice! I’m never checking into Foursquare again -- Not that that had anything to do with anything, but it scared me straight! Lol
2.       I lost my ID as of last Thursday.  After Downtown Fullerton I put it into the cubby hole of my car and it disappeared.  I need to get on locating that ASAP.
3.     My love hate relationship with the gym has once again started.  I’ve been doing well but my eating habits still suck.  Diet starts next week when I am able to bring groceries to work again.  EXCUSES! Haha 
4.    I always believed everything happens for a reasons.  You’re put through things in order to strengthen other aspects of your life – Ultimately I’ve had many trials but I think I’m still learning.  I give into emotions and how I am feeling now, now, now and I have to learn how to get a hold of them.
5.       The back of my tC is broken. :( The little light thing… I swear since mine is broken I’ve noticed a lot more of them broken too.  I feel for you fellow broken tCers lol.

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